In front of her camera fluttering her comfort .. Faten Hamama blinking and the time for the soul rising


Film stars are always interested in the pictures that are published for them in newspapers and magazines and how they appear in these pictures in front of the public, and photographers are always interested in taking pictures of the stars of art in all artistic events or festivals or during the artistic works in which they participate, and even in their homes to publish these photos to the public Who is always looking forward to seeing the stars of art.

And every artist has a method and style in dealing with cameras and photographers, and so were the stars of the beautiful time, so that photographers used to memorize the way and style of each artist, whether in giving the appointment or in the way she prepared to take pictures, and even in the way she stands in front of the camera.

In a rare issue of Al-Kawkab magazine, the great journalist Fommel Labib, who used to deal with art stars and had friendly relations with most of the artists and actresses, wrote a topic under the title: “The Camera and the Indulgence of the Stars”, in which he referred to the way and style of a number of artists of the beautiful time in dealing with the press camera, and how Photographers struggle to get the photos that the public see of the stars of art.

Labib said that all the actresses at the beginning of their artistic career deal with love and sweeping interest with the lenses of photographers, and after they become stars, they find those who remain loyal to the cameras of photographers and feel that they have a favor over them because it contributed to their fame, and some of them deny this credit, so they leave the dates and the photographers drink from them many pranks. Or they pamper them until the photojournalist gets some pictures from them, and some of them treat the same beginnings with photographers and cameras and see that press cameras are no less important than film cameras.

Among these artists, Fommel Labib explained their way of dealing with photographers, the great artist Faten Hamama, who explained that throughout her life she did not say no to any photojournalist, but she was evading the photographers with delicious malice.

And he continued, explaining Faten Hamamas method: “She tells you to wait when I see my appointments. Now I go to the studio and I will finish after 11 at night and I have 4 days in this way. He stays ahead of us on Friday, which is the holiday.”

Here, the journalist thinks that she gives him the date on Friday, and asks her about the hour in which he attends, but soon Faten tries, saying: I know the last Friday that Omar and I have been congested because I went out to buy a few things on Friday because it is considered that this holiday is his. The world Omar Sharif.

If the journalist proposes that the date be on Saturday, Faten Hamama replies: “Next Saturday, I will travel to Alexandria so that we can choose the locations of the new film, and I don’t know when my country will return.

Fommel Labib confirmed that the journalist may stay for two months in this situation, and he is certain that Faten does not refuse to photograph, but she is busy and excused.

He added that after this long trip, Faten may agree to photographing and set an appointment for the journalist and welcome him at her home, but she may get bored of the large number of filming, and the photographer who photographed her must make his account no more than 12 pictures, confirming that they are simple in their clothing and appearance. But she blinks a lot as for the camera light because her nerves in her eyes are tired from too much photography and because of the studio lights.


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