In his first appearance .. Zakaria Azmy: Our era has collapsed and I am condemned to the current regime


11:08 AM

Saturday 24 October 2020

Books – Muhammad Sami:

Dr. Zakaria Azmy, head of the office of the former president of the republic, said that the family had nominated Omar, the son of his brother Yahya, a deputy from the same district, in 2010 for membership in Parliament.

Azmi added that his covenant was a page that had turned, and that God – may He be glorified and exalted – would hold him accountable, stressing that he owed the current regime its support and assistance.

“My resolve” called on citizens to support the current system. In order to cross Egypt to safety, and salute President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, who leads Egypt on the foundations of modern development, in addition to preserving the entity of the Egyptian state.

Azmi also saluted the armed forces that defend the soil of this country and participate in the construction and development processes and their sacred role in preserving the homeland, as well as the national police and its role in preserving the security of society. Motherland.

Azmi added that the new law for the House of Representatives elections caused a major problem. It is the expansion of the electoral districts, “God is in the aid of the voters, I don’t know how they will choose in a constituency between 43 candidates. On our days, one would choose between 4, and he would be confused and a problem would remain. May God grant you success to those who serve Egypt.”

Azmi indicated that the next parliament will have a very heavy burden. So he is required to help the president who builds the country, and he does not go in order to build the country, explaining that Parliament assists the president, legislation and oversight, which is his main role; It is not reasonable for Parliament that has already been sitting for 5 years without presenting an interrogation of one minister within the framework of the supervisory role according to the law .. “I invite you to elect my brother’s son, so we have no problem with any family in the district.”

This came in the first appearance of Azmi and a conversation with citizens since 2010, during an election conference in support of his brother’s son, Omar Azmi, the candidate for the House of Representatives elections in the Minya al-Qamh district in Sharkia.

Azmi said: I am the author of the famous saying, “Corruption in localities has reached its knees, and you know where it has reached now.” As he was a deputy for 23 years from 87 to 2010, and he spoke about all the concerns of the nation.

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