In his own way .. Urban celebrates his wife’s birthday


Essam El-Hadary, the former Egyptian goalkeeper, celebrated his wife’s birthday through his account on the social networking site for photos and videos Instagram.

Al-Hadari published a picture of him with his wife and commented on her, saying, “My beloved wife, Umm Yassin, is dear, every year and every life, and you are good and fine, and our Lord blesses you, and we never deprive you of you, O Lord.”

It is noteworthy that Al-Hadari said in his statements on the “Awdat Al-Labb” program presented by Ahmed Hossam Mido on Al-Nahar TV: “I have certainty that I will return to Al-Ahly in any position or role, despite my acknowledgment of the mistake I made before, which lies in my departure to Sion. , But I am sure that I will return to Al-Ahly, but I do not know when I will return. “

He added: “Al-Ahly Club is my permanent home, and my relationship is good with Captain Mahmoud Al-Khatib, and we always talk together, and history cannot be forgotten, so I got a lot of championships in Al-Ahly and participated in codifying the history of the club, so I trust my return again.”


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