In order not to catch the flu and Corona … 12 mistakes you should avoid in the winter .. “Walid Clinic”


The new episode of Walid Clinic’s program presented by colleague Walid Abdel Salam Ali on the seventh day television, Monday of every week, reveals common mistakes in the winter season that everyone is exposed to and exposes them to influenza and Corona as a disease that has symptoms similar to influenza.

The official of the medical file on the seventh day, through his program Walid Clinic, confirms that committing these mistakes could be vulnerable to infecting citizens with influenza, corona and other diseases that abound in the winter season such as cold, cough, and allergies.

The mistakes include not drinking enough water in addition to not exercising, as well as getting regular vaccinations that raise the immune system’s ability to confront diseases..

Mistakes include bathing in hot water for a long time during the winter, which actually dries up and damages skin cells and causes skin inflammation, dryness and redness.

Among the common mistakes is eating greedily is a common thing during the cold months, because during the winter season, the body burns more calories to fight the cold, this process makes us consume more foods such as hot chocolate and foods laden with calories, which exposes us to obesity..

Among the mistakes that the episode refers to is avoiding going out, as the winter cold prevents us from going out, and instead, we spend more time at home in a warm environment, this makes us inactive, lazy, and increases the risk of obesity, weight gain and raises the chances of disease.

Regarding the idea of ​​self-treatment, which is considered one of the major mistakes, Walid Abdel Salam said that one of the common mistakes is infection with the disease during the winter season that makes us resort to self-treatment instead of going to the doctor, which may lead the patient to major health complications for diseases such as influenza or corona, especially since they are similar..


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