In the video: Ahmed Zahir explains the details of his illness and his wife standing next to him


Artist Ahmed Zahir spoke during his meeting with His Excellency yesterday, Monday, which is presented by artist Esaad Younes, and is broadcasted on DMC at 11 pm.

Artist Ahmed Zahir talks about the details of his illness and the beginning of his relationship with his wife:

Where the artist Ahmed Zahir said that God honored me with a good wife who loves me and she is with me every step and I always take her opinion and at the beginning of the matter she did not know anything about the field, but I began to teach her something by something until she knew every big and small in this field.

From here I asked her to be with me at work and she remained very much benefited from her presence, and she is always next to me and in my back. The artist Ahmed Zahir confirmed through his speech and said that Hoda my wife is the love of life and he talked about the first time we met them together.

He said, I met my wife Hoda Farouk in the special screening of the film Paradise of Demons and she was with her mother as she was responsible for the special screening of the film and she was not more than 18 years old. We met by chance and felt attracted to her and asked her mother to get to know her.

Hoda, the wife of the artist Ahmed Zahir, said that he had been exposed to a rare disease that affects one in ten million, which led to a significant increase in his weight, which entered a state of severe depression, and at that time I was no more than 21 years old, and at this stage, Laila and Malak were with us.

But at that time Ahmed tried to separate from me and actually divorced me, but I stayed with him in the same apartment for three days and he tried to make me go out and get away from him, but on the third day I only felt myself while I was in the hospital and he was next to me asking me to forgive him.


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