In the video … Ayten Amer danced with her husband on the song “La Ghabita”


Actress Ayten Amer celebrates with her husband, Director of Photography, Mohamed Ezz Al-Arab, during the El Gouna Film Festival in its fourth session,

Where she shared several video clips with her audience, dancing and swaying songs during the concert of the singer Mahmoud Al-Asaily.

Actress Ayten Amer and her husband

Ayten Amer

On the evening of the previous Friday of October 23, 2020, the El Gouna Film Festival ceremony began in the activities of its fourth session, with the participation of a large number of Arab and international artists from all over the world, in the midst of adhering to preventive measures to protect them from the Corona virus.

Among the videos that the artist Aiten shared with her audience is a video while she sings and dances at the “La Ghabita” festival for popular singers Hassan Shakoush and Omar Kamal, where she put it in the “Astori” feature on the Instagram media site.

As the “La Ghabita Festival” recorded very high ratings, which made it achieve more than 66 million views on YouTube channels

Since its first release on August 25,

It is the singing of Hassan Shakoush and Omar Kamal, the distribution of Sasu’s Islam, the design of Abdullah Banda and the lyrics of the Egyptian Islam.


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