In the video – Features of Basma Wahba, who is tired of illness, the conversation of observers: “God bless you.”


The media, Basma Wahba, shocked her audience after publishing a small video of her before entering the operating room in a hospital in the British capital, London, for an operation, and Basma asked the audience to pray for her. God who never wastes his deposits, ”and read the verse“ The hand of God is above their hands ”.

She added during her message to the public before undergoing the operation: “Oh Lord, God willing, is good, God willing, with the grace of God. Then he called you, do not forget me in supplication,” while commenting on the video clip in which she appeared wearing the clothes of the operating room: “From London I ask you to pray .. Process immediately. “

The Egyptian media announced several days ago in a video clip posted on her account in “Instagram”: “I suffer from a stomach problem in addition to bleeding, and it is not a rare case, but it is a very difficult case. On his hand thanks to the treatment that he wrote and took, and the symptoms did not come to me for a month, and she added: “I am in the grace and grace of God, praise be to God. The second problem is that the bleeding was the result of hormones that help activate the cancer cell, which I was not supposed to have because I was sick cancer”.

Regarding the summary of her recent experience with illness, she said: “The summary of the experience is that you submit to God, and that I am not upset from anything I will be cursed with, and that when our Lord will curse me with an offer and worship, I thank our Lord.


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