In the video .. Menna Shalaby: “Laila Elwi used to condemn her to destroy me because of the problem


12:56 PM

Wednesday 28 October 2020

I wrote – Yasmine El-Sharkawy:

Actress Menna Shalaby talked about her relationship with artists, especially actress Laila Elwi, on the sidelines of their participation in the activities of the fourth session of the El Gouna Film Festival, which is currently held.

Menna said that Laila Elwi provided her support from her artistic beginnings and up to this moment: “Laila, Yusra and the inspiration of the countries of my family, I can never forget what Laila does with me.

She added during her interview with The Insider in Arabic: “Laila is the sweetest one in the world with her love is terrible love. She never changed me from me while I was in love, especially when she took me out of my hand and said I do this and do this, and when someone annoyed me this morning and evening she was standing with me.” And it would have been possible for me to wear her clothes to wear her, the lady who is tender, wonderful and stumpy, my sister who loves Laila

Laila Elwi interacted with Mennas conversation and made sure to kiss her head, and she also expressed her love and appreciation for her art at the professional level and her relationship with her mother on the personal level.

And about if there is a work of art that will bring them together again, “Menna” said passionately: “She consults, but says, Come on, Menna .. This is the pleasure of the Loyalty of Honor.”

The El Gouna Film Festival kicked off in its fourth session, last Friday evening, under the slogan “Man and Dream”, whose activities will continue until October 31, with the participation of a large number of art stars in Egypt and the world, while taking all necessary precautions to prevent Coronavirus (Covid-19) ); To become the first festival in Egypt and the Arab world to be held since the pandemic.


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