In the video – Rajaa Al-Jeddawi’s daughter resolves the debate and explains the reasons for the deterioration of her mother’s grave


The issue of insects emerging from the grave of the artist Rajaa Al-Jeddawi continues to occupy public opinion and cause a sensation, which prompted her daughter, Amira Mukhtar, to clarify the details of the issue after confirming her through a comment on social media about her knowledge of the matter, but it is not her guilt or negligence.

Amira confirmed, during a telephone conversation with the “Evening DMC” program, that a part of the Al-Basateen area was cut off to establish a nightclub and widen the road, and the tomb wall was demolished. … explaining: “Our family does not put the names of women on graves when they die, and this matter is left to the elders of the family, and if my mother wanted to write her name on the grave, she would inform me of that before her departure.”

And she added, “My mother saw the condition that the graves are in now, and she had visited her about two months before her death, and was surprised by her appearance, which did not differ much from that basic one.” And she concluded by saying: “What is important is the face of the grave, not what it is. This sentence was repeated by my mother to me a lot, and she used to say, Lord, the grave will be enlightening.”


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