In the video … the song Ahlam and “Red One” is a mixture of “Brazilian Indian Arabic Techno”


With the nearing of the release of a new song, music distributor Hussam Kamel entertained fans of the singer Ahlam, and the composer and international distributor “Red One”, which brings them together in both Arabic and English.

Hossam Kamel revealed, in an interview with ET Arabic, that the expected “duo” is an idea and composed by Fayez Al-Saeed, and his words were written entirely in Arabic first, then the topic was translated into English so that the foreign poet wrote on it the words of Red One in line with the idea.

Kamel added that the style of the song combines eastern and western colors, in a mixture of techno, Brazilian, Indian and Arabic, and with a fast rhythm.

And Hussam continued, that the song is almost over and there are only final touches, and the result won the admiration of Ahlam, Reed One and Fayez Al-Saeed, with some notes from Red One. The song is currently.

The lyrics of the Arabic part of the song, about Ahlam, were written by the poet Anwar Al-Mashiri, and the part for Post One in English was written by Pitt Divine.


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