Including a girl .. Details of the killing of 6 drug dealers in an exchange of fire with the police in Dakahlia


Six registrants from Danger and wanted for security were killed, including a girl, during an exchange of gunfire with the police during the security campaign launched by the security forces on the Manzala center in the governorate Dakahlia To control outlaws and runaways.Confidential information was received by the Dakahlia security forces indicating that they were hiding, a number of dangerous registrants and those wanted for security in the area of ​​the Manzala Center.

An enlarged security campaign was prepared to arrest them, but when the forces approached the hiding places of the dangerous elements and became famous for them, they fired a barrage of fire at the security forces, and the forces responded to them.

The confrontation between the registrars Danger and the security forces resulted in the killing of 6 people, including a girl working with them and headed by Mustafa A.M., one of the most famous drug promoters, who was also killed.

It turned out that they were registered as dangerous and wanted in relation to a number of cases, including murder, attempted murder, robbery under duress, and carrying weapons without a license.

The bodies and weapons in their possession were kept at the disposal of the prosecution, and the necessary record of the incident was issued, and the public prosecution was notified.

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