Including Sereno and cannons .. “deals” that Musimani may include for Al-Ahly


Sundowns coach Pitso Mosimane, who has officially announced his departure from coaching the South African team, is close to assuming the technical task of Al-Ahly club.

Musimani had issued an official statement on Wednesday, announcing the end of his relationship with Sundowns after nearly 8 years spent between the walls of the South African club, during which he achieved 11 championships.

For its part, the Sundowns club management also confirmed in an official statement that Musimane had left the team’s training to take over a “great Egyptian club” without mentioning the team’s name.

According to what private sources confirmed to Laila Koura, yesterday, Wednesday, Musimane came close to leading the Al-Ahly team, succeeding Swiss Rene Fyler. (See more details)

The South African “Citizen” newspaper said in a report today, Thursday, that in the event that Musimani moves to Al-Ahly training, he is expected to try to include 3 players in the red team.

Among the three players, the Uruguayan Gaston Sereno, player of Sundowns, who Al-Ahly tried earlier to sign to support the red team’s offensive line.

A source, Laila Kora, confirmed in private statements that Musimani promised Al-Ahly club management during the negotiations to try to contract with Sereno. (See from here)

The Uruguayan player had a great season with the Sundowns, as he had a major role in the team’s career that achieved the domestic treble this season (he participated in 41 matches in various tournaments this season, scored 13 goals and made 10 successful assists).

“Citizen” said that the 29-year-old has a great ambition, adding that he has great confidence in Mosimane, who was instrumental in bringing him to the Sundowns in January 2018.

Sereno, moved to the Sundowns during the 17/18 winter transfer window from Bolivar Bolivar, and the 29-year-old has since participated in the yellow jersey during 99 matches in various tournaments (scoring 24 goals and making 29 successful passes).

Another player, the South African coach may try to sign him with Al-Ahly, is Rivaldo Coetzi.

Coetzee joined the Sundowns early 17/18 season, coming from Ajax Cape Town.

The 23-year-old is good at playing in the center of defense and in the defensive midfield, and participated in 19 games in the Sundowns game last season in various tournaments.

Coetzee was close to joining Glasgow Celtic in 2017 before his knee injury caused him to move to Sundowns.

The South African team helped the player revive his football career, and he played a prominent role in the team’s victories between 2018 and 2020.

Moussemane previously praised the 23-year-old, saying: “Coetzee is a good player, but he doesn’t get the recognition he deserves.”

He added, “He is good at passing with the left and right foot, and he is also distinguished in head strikes.”

The third player mentioned by “Citizen” newspaper is South African Motjika Madisha who is good at playing in 3 different positions (center back, right back and defensive midfield).

Madisha moved to the Sundowns early in the 15/16 season, coming from Highlands Park, South Africa.

Madisha is 25 years old, and last season he participated with his team in 46 matches in various tournaments (scoring 3 goals and making one pass).

Musimani showed his full faith and confidence in Madisha, saying, “Madisha is a good player, it is important for us as coaches to build the confidence of the players, not only for the player himself but for the other players. We have to support them when they make mistakes, after they have done a good job.”


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