Inquire about the landline phone bill from Telecom Egypt .. and the timing of the heat cutoff


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We had a “chat” dialogue with the customer service employee at Telecom Egypt website, who stated that the invoice value can be inquired through the company’s website or by calling the directory number 140 from any land line and knowing the value of the bill. He also explained the grace period and the date for the line transfer To receive and cut off the heat to the landline phone and to impose a fine.

The customer service employee at Telecom Egypt stated through the “website chat” that the grace period for inquiring about the invoice value and paying without any problems or fines is a month from the issuance of the invoice that was issued on October 15 and ends on November 14, 2020.

The “employee” added that the line will only be transferred to reception from November 15 until next December 14, then the line will be temporarily lifted from December 15 and a fine will be imposed.

You can inquire about the landline phone bill from the Telecom Egypt website by entering the governorate code followed by the phone number in the two boxes designated for this on the site, which you can reach directly and find out the value of the bill by clicking Here.

There are multiple ways to pay your landline phone bill:

Pay in cash at the exchanges of Telecom Egypt.

Online payment through the site by clicking Here.

Payment is through Fawry service.

Payment is through ATM machines of some banks, such as the National Bank of Egypt and the Commercial International Bank (CIB).

Payment by Vodafone Cash service.

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