Instead of the canceled debate, Trump and Biden are holding public meetings on television


The chair is held Donald Trump And his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, had a public meeting on television at peak viewing times on Thursday, instead of their second presidential debate, which was canceled after Trump refrained from participating in a confrontation with Biden via the Internet.

Each will receive questions from the electorate during the two meetings that begin at 8 pm (midnight GMT). The Trump meeting will be broadcast on NBC and the Biden meeting will be broadcast on ABC.

Trump withdrew from the debate when the organizing committee said it would be held online due to concerns about the Corona virus.

On the second of October, Trump announced that he had contracted the virus, but he resumed campaigning after his treatment, which included spending several days in a military hospital.

On Wednesday, when announcing the meeting, NBC said it had obtained a report on Trump’s health from Clifford Lynn, director of the National Institute of Health.

She stated that Lynn and Anthony Fauci, the top infectious disease expert in the US government, had concluded “with a great degree of confidence” that Trump was no longer a source of infection. Fauci confirmed this in an interview with CBS on Wednesday, based on recent tests by Trump.

The elections will be held on the third of next November. Opinion polls put Biden around 10 points ahead of Trump.

A record number of 15 million Americans have cast their votes so far through the possibility of early voting, according to the data of the American Election Project at the University of Florida, as voters seek to avoid standing in lines on Election Day due to the Corona pandemic.

And North Carolina, which is experiencing intense competition, begins the early voting process for more than two weeks on Thursday.

This week, the two candidates visited crucial states and Trump held public meetings in Florida, Pennsylvania and Iowa, while Biden traveled to Ohio and Florida.

On Wednesday, Trump tied statistically with Biden in Florida, one of the crucial states. He garnered support from 47% to 49% for Biden, with a credibility margin of four points in a Reuters / Ipsos poll.

Trump will hold his rally in Miami, while Biden will hold his meeting in Philadelphia.

The third presidential debate is scheduled for October 22 in Nashville, Tennessee.

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