Investigations in “Anteel Giza”: “He filmed videos of 250 women and men


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Saturday 10 October 2020

Books – Saber Al-Mahlawi:

Investigations by the Public Prosecution Office of Awseem, headed by Counselor Mohamed Hani, revealed new details about the “Antel Giza” incident, after examining the spreading pornographic videos, and others that were seized on his phone.

The Public Prosecution ordered the arrest and bringing of 4 women who appeared in video clips, after practicing vice with him, after identifying their identities.

The Oseem Prosecutor stated that after examining the defendant’s phone, it was found that it contained video clips recorded on the phone, and others were deleted, so he was sent to the technical assistance at the Ministry of Interior, which succeeded through modern technologies in recovering 2,500 videos in which about 250 women appeared, naked without the accused appearing in any A video, but he showed 50 photos that were uploaded to his private phone.

The prosecution charged the defendant with charges of violating the sanctity of private life, assaulting the values ​​of Egyptian society, and misusing means of communication.

Security sources revealed that the video clips contained on the defendant’s phone were reviewed and examined. A butcher to reach the identity of the women in it, as it turned out that many of the videos were deleted, but through modern technologies and the help of specialized technicians, they are restored.

The sources pointed out that the search for women is carried out in secrecy due to the many family disputes that the incident caused, which reached divorce and the separation of some wives from their husbands, while some families left their homes and left the town after the spread of these sections and circulated widely.

The sources explained that after determining the identity of the women, a decision will be made to summon them or not, especially since the security services have not received a report from them about their exposure to harm or from their husbands accusing them of adultery, as the husband is the only person authorized to accuse his wife, adding that he may take a decision not to summon them to avoid revealing their identity And matters worsened in the vicinity of their families or according to the vision of the investigation authorities.

The investigations led by Major General Mahmoud Al-Sabili, Director of the General Department of Investigation, and Major General Asem Abu Al-Khair, Director of the Criminal Investigation Department, indicated that the accused began these incidents more than 3 years ago when he rented an apartment near the Imbaba area outside the village of Al-Barajil in Auseem far from his home, and appointed his wife and children to receive the women there to practice vice. With them.

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