IPhone 12 phones have a hidden feature that Apple has not announced .. Know what it is


It could be phones iPhone 12 An undeclared feature is the ability to charge your accessories wirelessly, in a file belonging to the US Federal Communications Commission FCC It was first found by Jeremy Horwitz From the site VentureBeatApple wrote that iPhone 2020 It also supports the charging function WPT At 360kHz and designated for charging accessories, including a possible external accessory in the future.

According to the American Engadget website, the matter is somewhat ambiguous, but as Mark Gorman noted in his tweet about the document, this may mean that iPhone 12 It may have a hidden reverse charging feature, speculating that the new phones may be able to charge the next generation of devices AirPods From Apple through a system MagSafe Of the company.

Loyalty Expected 9to5MacRumors have circulated about the reverse wireless charging of a device iPhone 11, But it was reported that Apple removed it from the final version of the device, and perhaps the company decided to proceed with it this time, although we will not know for sure until it officially announces the feature.

It wouldn’t be a big surprise if it was anyway iPhone 12 It already has this potential, as more and more manufacturers are starting to add reverse charging to their phones, as a way to attract buyers.


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