IPhone has a button that users are not aware of


IPhone has a button that users are not aware of




IPhones have a secret “button” that makes controlling the device much easier and users may never have known its existence.

And in the new iOS 14 software update, Apple revealed a hidden button that was under users’ fingertips all the time.

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The button is called “Back Tap” that allows people to control their phones by clicking on the back of the device.

This feature can be activated through the phone’s settings, and it will provide many new features that can be controlled either with a double or triple click.

Whether users choose Double Tap or Triple Tap, options include using the trick to take screenshots and raise and lower the volume of the music.

People will also be able to use the handy feature to amplify, scroll, and swap songs.

For example, to use the trick to take a screenshot, you just need to tap the back of the iPhone twice. The image will then be sent directly to the phone’s photos application as usual.

To turn on the feature, head to Settings, then test “General” and update the software on your iPhone to check for any software updates.

If available, tap on the iOS 14 update and download it and wait for the device to install it and roll out anything new.

The iPhone should restart automatically and all that’s left is to head over to Settings to run the trick.

To do so, go to Settings, then scroll down and click on “Accessibility” and then click on “Touch”.

From here, scroll down to Back Tap and choose either Double Tap or Triple Tap.

Source: The Sun


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