Ismaily explains the truth about the departure of the two-team Al Ahly and Pyramids


The Ismaili Club revealed the truth about the recent rumors about the sale of the Dervish administration to the duo, Baher Al-Muhammadi, the right-back of Al-Ahly Club, and Abdel-Rahman Magdy to the Pyramids Club in secret during the current period.

Alaa Waheed, the media spokesman for the Ismaili Club, confirmed what was reported on one of the satellite channels regarding the approval of the transfer of the stars of the team, Abdul Rahman Majdi, to the ranks of the Pyramids Club and Bahir Al-Mohammadi to Al-Ahly.

And he continued his statements: “This news is totally untrue and has nothing to do with reality and aims to cause confusion and strife within the team’s ranks,” stressing the affirmation of Engineer Ibrahim Othman, Chairman of the Club’s Board of Directors, repeatedly that he will not waste any player of the basic strength at the present time.

He explained that the Board of Directors is determined and with all strength during the coming period to strengthen the ranks of the team with qualified players at a high level with the current group, according to the nominations of the Contracting Committee and in coordination with the technical staff, in order to restore distinguished results and quickly return to competing for titles with the support of our broad fans in all parts of the Republic and the homeland Arabi.

The Spokesman appealed to all the media to be careful and take into account the credibility of any news about the Ismaili club during this period in order to avoid inflaming the feelings of the fans who love the team, which we know how much they want all of their stars to continue in order to achieve the best results.

He concluded his speech by stressing his full respect for all media outlets and the possibility of continuous communication with everyone to clarify all the facts about the team.

Sayed Abdel-Razek Bazooka, the former Ismaili star, confirmed the club’s sale to the duo, Baher Al-Muhammadi and Abdel-Rahman Magdy, to Al-Ahly and Pyramids in secret, which was denied by the club’s media spokesperson altogether.

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