“It does not represent any symbol.” The head of Al-Ajami neighborhood reveals the details of the demolition of Al-Midan tower


11:06 PM

Saturday 10 October 2020

Books – Muhammad Khamis:

Mr. Musa, head of Al-Ajami neighborhood, said that the building called Burj Al-Maidan is not an Islamic tower or lighthouse or anything, but it was a modern building in the nineties, rather it was a room without a top roof, and its height was 12 meters from the surface of the ground and did not constitute any symbol Or impact.

Musa added in a phone call to the “DMC Evening” program today, Saturday, that the tower was causing traffic jams for those coming from the desert to the northern coast, explaining that the tower does not represent any Andalusian civilization or an Islamic lighthouse, and the sector official used it as an administrative building.

He continued, that the Al-Midan tower is only 21 years old, and was obstructing one of the bridges that are being built in this area, which will work to achieve traffic flow in this area.

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