It is announced that a director, actor and singer has been infected with the Corona virus in 48 hours


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The past 48 hours have witnessed the announcement of more than one case within the technical community with the Corona virus, in addition to the presence of another number of suspected cases.

The beginning was with the singer Haitham Nabil, who announced that he was infected with the virus, and wrote through his Facebook account: “God forbid, and he did not wish … I was infected with Corona. .. Praise be to Allah”.

Then, the next day, he announced that his wife and father had been infected with the virus, and he wrote: “My father and my wife are positive, like Corona, unfortunately, we ask God to bring us out of her well … Praise be to God.

Today, Tuesday, the young artist Mahmoud Al-Laithi announced that he had been infected with the virus, calling on his fans to pray for his wife and mother, and wrote through his accounts on social networking sites: “I have Corona, my store for more than ten days, and my condition is stable, praise be to God. And my wife, because their condition is unstable and they need supplication, and I am sorry if someone called and did not want you.

According to the “et Arabic” program, director Mohamed Sami was also infected with the Corona virus.

According to the program, Sami felt some symptoms, which made him examine Corona, and the result was positive. Regarding his wife, the artist Mai Omar, and the rest of Sami’s family, they also underwent a corona examination, and the result was negative.

It is noteworthy that director Mohamed Sami recently started filming the first scenes of the movie “Agent Safar” with artist Akram Hosni and star Nelly Karim.

In the same context, some cases of suspicion have also spread within the artistic community during the past few days, and the last case was the young artist here Zahid, who was exposed to a health problem, and had to make a swab to check on herself and the results of the analyzes were negative.

The same situation was repeated with the artist Najla Badr, who published through her Instagram accounts a few days ago as a result of her Corona virus analyzes, and the result was negative.

As for the producer, Anas Nasri, brother of the actress Asala, he announced that he was infected with the Corona virus, after the result was positive, then two days later he published the result of another analysis in which the result was negative, confirming that the result of the first analysis was wrong and inaccurate.

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