Italy records a new high in Corona virus infections


Italy records a new high in Corona virus infections



Tourists in the center of the Italian city of Venice after the general restrictions imposed due to the Corona virus were lifted.

Today, Sunday, the Italian Ministry of Health announced that it had recorded 11,705 new infections with the Coronavirus, which represents the highest increase in the daily cases index since the start of the outbreak in the country.

The Ministry stated, in a new statistic, that the number of registered infections with the emerging corona virus “COVID-19” in Italy during the past 24 hours increased by 11,075, reaching the level of 414,241 cases.

This outcome represents a new record high for daily infections with the Coronavirus in the country, and it comes after this number reached on October 16, 10010 cases, and 10925 on October 17.

The Italian Ministry of Health also added that it had detected 69 new deaths from the disease, bringing the number of pandemic victims in the country to 36543 cases.

The daily death index is thus also witnessing an increase, as this number in Italy on October 16, reached 55, and on October 17, 47.

In recent weeks, Italy is witnessing sharp increases in daily infections with the Coronavirus, although the death index is very far from the levels it reached during the height of the outbreak.

Against the background of these developments, the office of the Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, confirmed, yesterday, Saturday, that it will announce on Sunday new measures that come in an effort to limit the spread of infection in the country.

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