James Bond hero Sean Connery dies at age 90


The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and Sky News reported on Saturday that movie legend Sean Connery, who played the famous James Bond character and starred on the silver screen for four decades, died at the age of 90, and Connery grew up in a poor area in Edinburgh, where he worked in some simple professions such as polishing coffins, selling milk and guarding before his hobby of bodybuilding helped him enter the field of acting, where he became one of the biggest stars in the world.

“He is the greatest Scotsman in the world, the last of all true Hollywood stars … he was extremely patriotic, a deep thinker, and a remarkable human,” said Alex Salmond, former Prime Minister of Scotland. Over four decades, Connery played a series of meritorious roles, alongside the famous Bond character.

He won an Academy Award for his role as a strict Chicago cop in Castaways (1987), and he was 59 years old when People magazine declared him the “Sexiest Man” in 1989.


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