Jensh returns to form Zamalek in front of the guard … and a special chef on the Moroccan trip


The Portuguese coach Pacheco, Zamalek’s coach, Ali Al-Dafa, has settled with Mahmoud Jensh, the goalkeeper of the team, in the basic formation of the border guards match scheduled for next Monday within the matches of the 33rd round of the league, where he will rely on Jensh in guarding the goal to rest Muhammad Abu Jabal before traveling to Morocco, where Abu Jabal will play Moroccan Raja match in the semifinals of the African Champions League.

Pacheco held a session with Jensh who assured him of his confidence in his level, but the goalkeeper center must witness stability and lack of rotation because it is one of the most important centers of the team, and Abu Jabal offers a distinguished level during the past periods, which makes him the main goalkeeper in the team.

In a different context, the technical staff of the team decided to accompany a private chef with the team’s mission in Morocco to prepare meals according to the diet set by the Portuguese Pacheco for the players as well to preserve the safety of the players in light of the outbreak of the Corona virus in Morocco.

Regarding preparing for medical travel, Muhammad Osama, the team doctor, decided to take a large number of Corona treatment protocols for fear of catching one of the players with the virus, and a number of medical instructions were distributed to the players to ensure their safe return to Egypt.


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