Khaled Alyish on Rania Youssef’s dresses in El Gouna … What is it, Madame Rania?


Presenter Khaled Alish mocked some artists during their talk about the new Corona virus, Covid 19, during their presence at the El Gouna Film Festival in the fourth session, which began last Friday, October 23, until next Saturday, October 31.

Presenter Khaled Alish’s video talking about Rania Youssef’s dialogue about the Corona virus:

Presenter Khaled Alish explained through a video that he posted on his official and personal page on the social networking site Facebook, and said that the artists have nothing to do with medical questions and indicated in his talk about the artist Rania Youssef’s statement about dinosaurs and that the world is like a forest.

Presenter Khaled Alish also added that man did not fight dinosaurs at any age, as the artist Rania Youssef mentioned through her statements, and he also referred to her various dresses in dresses, which he described as being from the other in reference to her boldness.


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