Kia modifies one of its most luxurious cars!


Kia modifies one of its most luxurious cars!

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After noticing the great admiration for Cadenza cars in many countries over the past two years, Kia decided to develop these cars to make them more attractive to luxury vehicle lovers.

According to the information available, the designers at Kia suggested some modifications to the design of the front end of these vehicles, as it is assumed that the chrome-coated longitudinal lines on the radiator cap should be replaced by curved lines that resemble the Mazda car logo somewhat.

The modifications will also affect many cabin elements as well, as these vehicles will get a movable handle with a new design to control speeds, similar to those in the new luxury Ford cars, and the rear seat passengers will also get advanced 10-inch touch screens, and through which many control Vehicle technologies and systems as in modern luxury business cars.

These vehicles will come with an improved multimedia system, new lighting and sound control systems, systems for heating and cooling the front and rear seats, systems for heating the front and back windows and side mirrors as well, in addition to cameras and sensors to measure the distance from the front and back, and systems for charging phones wirelessly.

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As for the engines, Kia will abandon the turbocharged diesel engines in these cars, and replace them with four-cylinder petrol engines with a capacity of 2.5 liters and 198 horsepower, and 6-cylinder engines with a capacity of 3.0 liters and a torque of 235 horsepower, and economic hybrid engines with 159 horsepower, all of which will work with automatic gearboxes with 8 speeds.


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