Klopp ahead of Derby Liverpool and Everton: Salah is an integral player and wants to score in all matches


The German coach Juergen Klopp, the Liverpool coach, praised the performance of the Egyptian star Mohamed Salah, the winger of the team, which remained steadfast despite the recent failure that occurred against Aston Villa with a 7-2 loss, and that praise came one day before the team’s upcoming match against Everton, the English Premier League leader at the time. The current one, in the Merseyside derby that brings them together at Goodison Park, in the fifth round of the English Premier League.

Klopp said during the press conference for the meeting, “All these players are a mixture of their natural abilities along with hard work, without training you do not have a chance. As I said, Mohamed Salah’s skills are great, but without good training he will not be like this, so he is a mixture.”

Klopp added about Salah, “I admire him very much. He scored twice against Aston Villa, but he would like to score in other matches and want to win in general. He was really good so far, an integrated player, a suitable choice for us and still.”

Liverpool coach Juergen Klopp also praised Everton’s contract with Colombian James Rodriguez, describing the “Toffes” deals during the transfer market as “ideal.” The comments of the German coach came to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) before the Liverpool derby that his team is playing against Everton on Saturday, at the start of the fifth round of the English Premier League.

Klopp said, “I could not have respected Carlo Ancelotti more than this. He is a wonderful person. When I heard that he was contracting with Everton, I told myself that it is the new challenge for Liverpool.”

Klopp added, “They made perfect deals this summer they meticulously found the players they needed to improve and made a good soccer team … They have high-level players on both sides, with Richarlison and James Rodriguez, along with Alan in the middle, it’s a very good team and you will be.” A very exciting game. “

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