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“Did you see the offending cartoons?” “No.” “Do you know what is in it?” “No, and I don’t want to know.” “Don’t you even want to know what it contains, even out of curiosity?” “No, of course, just seeing it is disobedience and sin.” “Ok, do you know anything about the structure of French society and the nature of its laws and constitution?” “People speak French and have the Eiffel Tower and their statues are a French oud.” “This is not the point. What is meant is: Do you know the state system there and what the constitution and rules are based on the text of the law?”, “What is this involved in the issue of fees?”, “I ask a specific question. Do you know anything about the system of government, the constitution, or the laws? ”“ No, and I do not want to know. ” “What is the best way to respond to these drawings or what appears again in this part of the world in terms of drawings, films, or similar writings?” “Ok, if you had the opportunity to perform the Umrah or Hajj, would you do that?”, “Of course, I wish.” “Ok, what do you do if the plane boarded and found it (Airbus) French?”, The response came in complete silence from the young university graduate, a recent graduate, who does not know where France is located, and he did not see the drawings or bother looking for information that enriches his knowledge or a background that helps him understand Happen and why. The discussion was, of course, not a defense of drawings or statements that would hurt people’s feelings, let alone millions or billions of them! But it was an attempt to scratch the surface and explore what was underneath. It was an attempt to understand why we burned thousands of flags of countries that insulted us, occupied us, or insulted us, and the angry rushed to jump with their shoes and slippers on them to further damage them, and despite that insults, occupations and abuse still occur.

It was an attempt to find out how much knowledge the angry crowd has regarding the cause of anger, and whether these crowds depend on stubbornness in forming their views and building their opinions, and then igniting their anger, or making an effort to research and understand, instead of relying on walking in the riders of the crowd and being content with what he says This is about that about those from those. At least anger would be logical, and responding to the offense would be useful instead of shouting and screaming, and the day we decide not to be satisfied with the sound, we slaughter and shed blood and rejoice over the great victory, then we marvel and anger when they say that our culture is in crisis, and that our concepts are going through an intellectual distress. The disaster is that we confuse culture with religion, mixing what the followers of religion do with the content of religion, and we inflict the greatest harm on religion and the most deadly when some try to disengage and save religion by separating it from what some have done to it, so we shout, cheer and insist on accusing us, and we confirm that what is What we do in terms of behavior and what our minds are generating from is the heart of religion, as if we are reinforcing the wrong understanding that religion prescribes violence and calls for murder, so is there a way out ?!

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