Laugh and take a cam .. Watch how Sumaya Al Khashab supported Saad just on her birthday


The superstar Sumaya El Khashab celebrated her birthday in her own way, as she posted a video clip on her Facebook page on the social networking site, dancing to the rhythms of the song “Uday Kalam” by the Moroccan singer Saad Lamjarred, and she showed her grace and sophistication in this clip, and dancing on this song at the time that was In it canceling a party just in Egypt, so Sumaya declares her support for the mere.

In a different context, the star Sumaya El Khashab cooperates with the star Essam Karika in a new artistic work, which is scheduled to be released next year 2021, where Essam Karika shared his fans through his personal account on “Facebook” a video clip and pictures that he collected with the artist Sumaya Khashab, commenting on them: “On The blessing, God willing, with the beautiful Sumaya al-Khashab … the surprise of 2021.

On the first of October, the superstar Sumaya El-Khashab participated in the childhood challenge, where she posted an old photo of her during her youth and a recent one, which won the admiration of her fans and commented, saying: “I see that I was beautiful and I was young. Thank God for now, I am still beautiful, the truth is that every stage is in Our life has its own beauty … with your love. ”

It is noteworthy that the artist Sumaya al-Khashab had undergone a filming session inside a swimming pool before and wore a large number of silver jewelry and accessories, and her followers and fans participated through her personal account on the Instagram site, with a group of pictures of the session, which was widely spread on social media.


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