Learn about Pyramids’ position on the continuation of Ahmed Fathy with Al-Ahly


South African coach Pitso Musimani, Al-Ahly’s technical director, reopened the file to keep Ahmed Fathy in Al-Ahly and not leave Pyramids from next season, after his contract expires, especially after he officially signed Pyramids from the start of the new season, as Musimani sees Ahmed Fathy as one of the team’s most important players Emphasizing that the Red Castle administration is very important, however, the administration emphasized the difficulty of the matter for two reasons. The first is the big difference between Al-Ahly’s offer and the player’s requests for renewal, and the second reason is Ahmed Fathi’s official signature of Pyramids, and then if he signs to Al-Ahly, a big problem will occur and he may be exposed. The player was suspended, but they gave Musimane a promise to sign a super right-back starting from the new season.

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Ahmed Fathi, Ayman Dahir, Al-Ahly Club is currently excluding Rajab Bakkar, Ayman Pyramids, from the accounts of the club management and the technical staff of the team for the end of the current season, as the player was excluded from participating in official matches as well as group training, since the match between the heavenly team with the Egyptian Port Said, which brought them together on Burj Al Arab Stadium in the 26th round of the league competition, which ended with the victory of the Port Said team with a goal without a response.

After a period of exclusion, Ragab Bakar returned to participate in group training for his team, specifically before confronting Al-Ittihad of Alexandria, but the player was then surprised by his exclusion again from group training, to know that he will not participate again until the end of the current season.

Pyramids had an official contract with Ahmed Fathy for a period of 3 males, after he refused to renew Al-Ahly, which led to the Pyramids administration to “stash” Rajab Bakkar to make room for the “Joker” who will formally join the ranks of the team, starting next season.

Ragab Bakkar returned to the accounts of the Al-Ahly club during the current period, in order to strengthen the right front with the red team, especially after the departure of Ahmed Fathy and his transfer to the ranks of Pyramids with the beginning of the new season, especially since Rajab Bakkar was outside Al-Ahly’s accounts in the recent period, due to Swiss Rene Fyler who refused to contract with The player is satisfied with the presence of Mohamed Hani in this position.

An informed source revealed that Ragab Bakkar returned to Al-Ahly’s accounts again, especially after the departure of Renee Fyler, and the South African Musimani took over the task, pointing out that the Red Castle management began to move in several directions in order to obtain the player’s services starting from the new season.

At the same time, the Zamalek management is looking for strengthening the right front for the team next season, as several names have been identified, among them Bakkar, to choose the best among them to support that front with the team the presence of Hazem Imam, the current right-back, alongside the ascendant Ahmed Eid.


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