Learn about the price of Hana Zahid’s dress at the wedding of “Shikabala and Fahmi”


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The artist, Hana Zahid, wore a short elegant dress during the wedding of Sherif Mounir Hassan, a member of the former Zamalek Club, which was the one that led Google search engines, due to Ahmed Fahmy, husband of “here” with Shikabala, the Zamalek player, because of the latter’s insult to Al-Ahly fans.

“Hana” appeared in a short dress with a tuxedo blazer with a long tail. It was designed by the fashion house Giuseppe Di Morabito and its price is 800 euros, equivalent to 14 thousand Egyptian pounds, as its price was mentioned on the “Farfetch” website.

It is noteworthy that the artist here Zahid participated in an advertising campaign for a mobile phone company, during which she appeared through her official account on the photo and video exchange application “Instagram”, with a look that caught her eye.

“Hana” appeared in the pictures with a different look, with long yellow hair, wearing a long golden dress of the “One Shoulders” cry, with the appropriate soft makeup.

Before this look, “Hana” appeared with a completely different “look”, similar to the look of the international star Marilyn Monroe, and appeared in a red dress, open to the back, distinguished by its being of satin, with a hairstyle of blonde and short wavy, and stark makeup in frank colors.

Rumors also spread before that about her infection with the Corona virus, but her husband, artist Ahmed Fahmy, confirmed the negative result of the Corona virus analysis conducted by his wife, the artist, here Zahid.

“Fahmy” revealed during his meeting with “et Arabic” program, on the sidelines of his visit to an oncology center in Fayoum, that “Hana” was supposed to accompany him, but due to her illness, she was unable to attend.

He added that his wife recently performed a corona analysis, after she contracted a cold and a high temperature, and therefore she hastened and did the analysis and swab to make sure, stressing that the result of the swab was negative and that here is fine.

It is noteworthy that the artist here Zahid is participating in the cinema marathon with the movie “The Washer”, which is currently being shown, starring Mahmoud Hamida, Ahmed Hatem, Bayoumi Fouad, Ahmed Fathi, and Muhammad Salam, written by Adel Salib, directed by Essam Abdel Hamid. Joint production by “New Century”, “Egyptian International Films” and “Synergy”, and locally distributed by “Dollar Film”.


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