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The Libyan Dialogue ... Tunisia hopes to launch ...

Abdel Karim Harami, the diplomatic advisor to the Tunisian President, Qais Said, said that his country has completed all preparations to host the Libyan dialogue, expressing his hope that the dialogue will be established to establish

Abdel Karim Harami, diplomatic advisor to Tunisian President Kais Said, said that his country has completed all preparations to host the Libyan dialogue, expressing his hope that the dialogue will be found to establish peace and security and launch a comprehensive political path that ends the state of fighting and chaos in Libya.

Coinciding with the start of the preparatory sessions for the Libyan dialogue, Harami added, in a statement to “Erm News”, that Tunisia “You consider that the Libyan dialogue rounds, which were hosted by other countries, have achieved important gains that will be supported in Tunisia, especially since what is currently being discussed is ending all forms of violence, extending the law and moving towards launching a comprehensive political path that rebuilds the Libyan state institutions on solid foundations.”

He stressed that his country “does not deal with the situation in Libya out of positioning, influencing the decision, or competing with other countries, but rather out of keenness that the Libyan brothers overcome the current situation as soon as possible so that they can enjoy their lives and head to the future with greater optimism.”

He added that “the President of the Republic, Qais Saeed, clearly expressed to all his interlocutors, the last of them the envoy of the Acting Secretary-General of the United Nations Stephanie Williams, that Tunisia welcomes every Libyan brother who cares about the future of the Libyan people and is not looking for personal political gains,” as he put it.

The preparatory meetings for the Libyan consultations began on the 26th of October, through the visual communication mechanism, while the direct meeting will start on the 9th of November in the Tunisian capital.

Many Libyans expressed their dissatisfaction with the names on the final list announced by the UN mission for the participants in the Libyan political dialogue.

According to observers, limiting the meetings between representatives of the House of Representatives and the State Council “was more beneficial than expanding the circle of participation,” explaining that “the participation of currents that do not constitute any value on the Libyan ground, which increases the severity of the problem and reinforces differences.

Political analysts said in previous statements to “Erm News,” that “the participation of figures from the Brotherhood’s movement, as well as their political arm, the Justice and Construction Party, makes the dialogue suspicious for Libyans, as the Brotherhood and its party cannot accept the existence of a state that does not believe in their faith.”

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