Live broadcast | Watch the Arsenal and Rapid Vienna match today in the European League


The Allianz Stadium will host a strong match between Arsenal and Austrias Rapid Vienna this evening, Thursday, October 22, 2020, for the first round of the second group in the opening of the group stage of the European League.

Kora 365 provides its followers with a link to the Arsenal and Rapid Vienna match broadcast live today, which is scheduled to start at 7:55 pm Mecca time, i.e. seven to five minutes Egyptian local time, and will be broadcast on the air exclusively on BN Sport HD1 with an audio performance by commentator Hassan Al Aidarous .

Arsenal began with a distinguished level in the new season, with the young coach, Mikel Arteta, who restored the prestige of the Gunners again and provided a great performance in the league and all competitions, regardless of some results.

The Defender, who succeeded in participating in the European League, will enter the meeting and know its great importance, and his goal is to achieve victory and collect the first 3 points in order to continue the journey, hoping to be a strong match and compete for the title.

While Rapid Vienna is aware of the opponent’s difficulty, but will fight with all his strength and provide a distinguished performance as in the league, wishing that his prey will not be easy for the English team, hoping to achieve victory and collect full points in the beginning of the European journey.

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