Live broadcast | Watch the Liverpool and Aston Villa match today 4/10 in the English Premier League


Villa Park will host a strong match between Liverpool and Aston Villa today evening October 4, 2020, in the fourth round of the English Premier League football competition.

Kora 365 website offers watching the Liverpool and Aston Villa match live broadcast today, which is scheduled to start at 8:15 pm Cairo time, which is 9:15 Mecca time, and will be broadcasted on the air exclusively on BN Sport HD2 with an audio performance by commentator Khaled Al-Hadi.

Liverpool, the champion of the competition last season, is ranked third with 9 points from 3 matches, that is, it has achieved the full mark so far, and seeks to continue the campaign to defend its title and achieve victory today in order to continue on the right path and progress towards the top.

In the same context, Aston Villa, who is in fifth place with 6 points, with a postponed match remaining in the first round, enters with all force in order to continue achieving positive results, and trying to fall the champion last season and inflict his first defeat.

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