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Submit to you a site Mercato Day broadcast live match “Real Madrid And Levante ”in one Today’s matches Sunday 4-10-2020 within the fifth round of La Liga.

Transfer match ‘Real Madrid And Levante ”on Channel BN Sports 3, with the voice of commentator “Raouf Khalif”, the Spanish channel La Liga TV Bar, in addition to the Dutch channel Zigo Sport.

It starts at 14:00 GMT, 16:00 GMT Egypt, 17:00 am Saudi, At the Ciutat de Valencia stadium.

Will seek Real Madrid To their third consecutive win La Liga This season, he defeated “Valladolid and Real Betis” in the past two rounds.

And occupies Real Madrid Fourth place in the Spanish League table with 7 points from three matches, leaving him with a game in hand from the first round.

And suffer Real Madrid From several absences in his ranks, as Zidane received a new shock yesterday afternoon with the injury of the right-back “Alvaro Adriozola”, who was expected to compensate for the absence of the injured “Danny Carvajal” as well. “On the injured list.

In return looks forward to “LevanteTo achieve his second victory, where he lost in the first round against “Valencia”, won in the second against “Osasuna”, and was defeated in the third by “Seville”.

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Real Madrid 2-0 Levante

🏟️Ciutat de Valencia stadium

🏆La Liga (Fifth round)

It’s over

Live broadcast written moment by moment

  • welcome to broadcast live The match “Real Madrid and Levante” in the fifth round of the Spanish League.
  • It transmits to you the events of the match.Mohab Zayed“From the center Live broadcast Expected Mercato Day.
  • We kindly ask you to update this page to know the match details.
  • Real Madrid squad | Thibaut Courtois – Nacho Fernandez – Raphael Varane – Sergio Ramos – Ferland Mendy – Federico Valverde – Carlos Casemiro – Luka Modric – Marco Asensio – Karim Benzema – Vinicius Junior.
  • Real Madrid bench bench | Diego Altobi – Andrei Lonen – Victor Schist – Marcelo – Vasquez – Isco – Jovi – Rodrigo – Odegaard.
  • Levante Collection | Ettore Fernandez – Jorge Maramon – Robin Vizo – Sergio Bustigo – Carlos Clerc – Jose Campania – Nikola Vukevich – Mikael Malsa – Ines Burdhi – Roger Marty – Jose Morales.
  • “0 start of the game

  • “1 Real Madrid plays in the full white staple with sponsorship Adidas, While Levante plays in traditional burgundy and blue outfit.
  • “3🟨yellow card On Casemiro after running over the foot of Levante player Mikael Malsa.
  • “5 Valverde strikes his first ball against Levante, but far away.
  • 6 Nikola Vukevich sends a very dangerous cross that has passed safely on defenses Real Madrid.
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  • “10 The first ten minutes have passed and a goalless draw still prevails.
  • “13 Real Madrid possesses the ball, but without risking Ettore Fernandez’s goal.
  • “16⚽جووووووووووووووووووووول – Vinicius Junior Score the progression for Real Madrid.
  • “16 Goal Stories: Real Madrid’s first corner from the right, send it Luka Modric Directly inside the penalty area, to pass by everyone and go to Vinicius at the far corner, picked it up and hit a wonderful ball into the net in the manner of the Playstation R2.
  • 20 Vinicius starts off quickly from the left side and passes a ball to Benzema, who is completely alone in the goal, but the poor dressage of the ball from the latter is denied Real Madrid From the second goal.
  • “26 No serious attacks in the last few moments.
  • “30 The crossbar deprives Levante of the equalizer after taking over from Courtois, blocking Vukevic’s header.”
  • “31 Karim Benzema He leads a very fast counterattack for Real Madrid and finishes it himself, but his shot hits the defender and goes off the corner.
  • 35 Casemiro sends a great cross from the right side. Benzema got up to her and hit her in the header, but was above the goal.
  • “40 five minutes remain until the end of the regular time for the first half, with the Real leading one for nothing.
  • 42 Carlos Clerc serves a cross from the left, which passed strangely in front of the striker Morales; She needed Courtois’ window hugging touch.
  • “45 The referee adds one minute in calculated time instead of lost.
  • “45 + 1 whistle at the end of the first half, with Real Madrid leading with a clean goal scored by the Brazilian Vinicius Junior.
  • Short break and get back to you again.
  • “45 start of the second half

  • 50, the post, deprives Karim Benzema from adding the second goal, after the ball reached him after a passing error from the Levante defender.
  • 51 Ooooh Vinicius Junior was too close to hugging Eitor’s net for a second time but his shot from within the six-yard area passed by the post by a few centimeters.
  • “55 Vinicius misses another opportunity not lost from inside the six-yard area after a cross from Karim Benzema.
  • “56🔁🔁 Two substitutions at once for the Levante team, with the departure of Nikola Vukevich, the entry of Jorge de Fortus, the exit of Roger Marty and the entry of Gonzalo Millero.
  • 57 Ines Bardhi fired a ball from outside the penalty area, which Courtois saved brilliantly.
  • “58 Vinicius receives the ball after Courtois saves and starts off very quickly from the left flank and passes the ball to Benzema, but the latter reached the ball late.
  • “59 Thibaut Courtois Save Real Madrid again after a shot that changed course.
  • “62 Morales runs away from the left side and hits a very strong ball, but it goes into the outside net for Courtois.
  • “63 Levante is much better now, amid a strange decline in the performance of Real Madrid’s players!
  • “67❌⚽ Real Madrid’s goal was canceled after a push from Ramos over the center of the Levante Bustigo defense.
  • 69🔁🔁Two substitutions at once for Real Madrid, with Vinicius Junior leaving and Rodrygo entering, Marco Asensio leaving and Lucas Vazquez entering.
  • “69 The referee is still awaiting the final fugitive decision.
  • “69🔁, the third team switch Levante With the exit of Jose Morales and the entry of former Real Madrid Castilla player Daniel Gomez Alcon.
  • 71 Finally, the mouse confirms the referee’s decision to cancel the goal, but for offside Ramos.
  • “72🟨yellow card On Ines Bardhi after a rough intervention on Vasquez.
  • 73🔁 The fourth substitution for Levante, with the exit of Mikael Malsa and entry of Nemanja Radoga.
  • “77 Awwwwww Courtois saves Real Madrid from another investigating goal.
  • “78 Real Madrid Wandering, Levante is still attacking to score the equalizer.
  • “81 If Real Madrid win the three points, all the credit will go to the goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois.
  • “84 Ferland Mindy hits a powerful ball from outside the area, which was blocked by goalkeeper Eitor.
  • 88🔁🔁Two substitutions at once for Real Madrid with the departure of Luka Modric and the entry of Isco, the departure of Valverde and the entry of Martin Odegaard.
  • “90 the referee adds 5 minutes as a calculated time instead of lost.
  • “90 + 2” yellow card on Levante defender Jorge Maramon, after a rough intervention on Rodrigo.
  • “90 + 4 joooooooooooooooooooooooooooal – Karim Benzema adds Real Madrid’s second and first goal this season, from an explicit one-on-one with goalkeeper Eitor Fernandez.
  • “90 + 5 whistle at the end of the match, with Real Madrid winning two clean goals.
  • Congratulations to Real Madrid fans, and goodbye in other matches.

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