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Unleashed, Mayor Suleiman Ghanem, his heart fond of fire from the moment Salim Al-Badri was appointed to the Senate. If uncle Salah Al-Saadani (Salmonti) was in full fitness (our Lord is prolonging his life), he would have exploded in anger, and creatively embodied the last scene of the drama of the Nights of Helmy, the scene of Ibn Al-Badri entering Parliament ..

Long live Yahya, so excuse us that we have a look. Al-Fakharani is biased towards the Almighty, Yahya Al-Fakharani, a messenger of Egyptian art to the Senate. Oh Zayn, what Al-Sisi chose.

Al-Fakharani did not seek honorary membership in the Senate, as Salim Al-Badri sought it in Al-Helmiyya Nights in a fierce competition with Mayor Suleiman Ghanem, but sought him and deserves it before, and his name is in the list of appointees by a published presidential decision, Munawar Official Gazette.

The great artist gave the notable appointments a good flavor, a choice in his place, and he met his family, and greeted people for them, for the important parliamentary mission.

The sheikhs, and before the Shura, had the luxurious artistic names, before he had great names, starting with the great Mahmoud El Meligy, and the great Amina Rizk, and Samra El Nil, Madiha Yusra, and now he has a heavyweight artist. Half the weight of Yahya Al-Fakharani is a talent, and the second half is patriotic. My patriot is talented, and the talented people in our great Egypt have a special presidential esteem based on sweeping popular love.

Al-Fakharani, the messenger of art to the Senate, will carry the message of high-end Egyptian art, and defend it as much as he can in the face of those lying in wait for art, creativity, and freedom of expression.

Art, like all aspects of creativity and thought, is examined socially, and in desperate need of helpless, tough advocates who introspect the message, the message of Egyptian art that infiltrates the minds with grace, and into hearts with love, the formation of the Egyptian conscience in the context of public awareness is an urgent national project.

Lucky Al-Fakharani, the able Samira Abdel-Aziz and the Knights of the Press and the Media (and their position cannot accommodate these lines … and they are all appreciated), are fortunate to have a presidential mandate. Membership of the shura is a mandate before the honor. They will form a strong wall of repression in the face of dark forces that grasp the flesh of artists, lie in wait for the creators, and attack freedom of expression.

The Senate will have creativity at noon in the face of the group of “new companions” who target creativity systematically and sustainably, through satellite and electronic prosecutions, judicial reports, and dragging creators to the courts .. The task is difficult but noble, and Al-Fakhrani is lucky in the Senate with a group of believers in freedom of expression. In the best national cause.

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