Los Angeles Fire Department hires a fire robot


The Los Angeles Fire Department in the United States of America revealed that it used the country’s first fire-fighting robot during its efforts to control a huge fire that broke out in the middle of this month. He drives them like a tank, a bulldozer to push obstacles through, and a powerful water cannon.

The robot can pump 2,500 gallons of water or foam per minute, according to the Los Angeles Times – that’s enough to dislodge an adult and displace it.

“You can point the cannon vertically, and turn it into a sump of water,” said Ralph Terrazas, chief of the fire department. “Indeed, the presence of the robot might make us rethink how we deal with the fires.”

Gunner robot

It is true that its price is $ 272,000, but it can reach places that are dangerous to humans, so Terrazas said: “I can afford to lose such a wonderful machine, but I cannot afford to lose a firefighter.”

In a fire that broke out on October 13 in two industrial textile buildings in downtown Los Angeles, the RS3 was the first to fight a fire, and even used its bulldozer to enter one of the buildings, allowing the team to fight the fire from the inside, Terrazas puts it.

Global phenomenon

The United States is not the first country to use fire robots. The Paris fire brigade, for example, brought a robot called Colossus to help fight the devastating Notre Dame Cathedral fire in April 2019.

Japan’s Mitsubishi Heavy Industries also displayed similar robots it designed to fight fires, especially the dangerous ones.


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