Macron in response to the campaigns to boycott French products: ‘We will never back down’


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French President Emmanuel Macron commented on the campaigns to boycott French products in the Middle East, against the backdrop of the insult of the Prophet Muhammad in France, saying: “Nothing will make us back off, never.”

On his Twitter account, Macron said Sunday: “We respect all differences in the spirit of peace. We never accept hate speech and defend rational debate. We will always stand by human dignity and universal values ​​».

On Sunday, France urged Middle Eastern countries to prevent retail companies from boycotting their products.

In a statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the past few days have witnessed calls in many countries of the Middle East to boycott French products, especially food products, as well as calls to demonstrate against France over the publication of cartoons insulting to the Prophet Muhammad.

The statement said: “These calls for a boycott are baseless and must stop immediately, as well as all attacks against our country that are being paid by an extremist minority.”

Twitter witnessed a massive campaign, on Friday evening, calling for a boycott of French goods, due to what was considered “an offense” to the Islamic religion and the Prophet Muhammad, while the Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement declaring its support for that issued by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, which expressed its astonishment at the French political speech that « Offends »relations between Paris and Muslims.

On the official level, the Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement declaring Kuwait’s dissatisfaction with the continued publication of the offensive images of the Prophet Muhammad and announced its support for the statement issued by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

The Islamic Cooperation had issued a statement saying that it was surprised by “the official political discourse of some French officials, which offends French-Islamic relations.”

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