Magdy Abdel-Ghani expresses his astonishment at the Al-Ahly Council … and comments on his media suspension


Magdy Abdel Ghani, former Al-Ahly star and president of the Professional Players Association, confirmed that it is always a reaction, not an action, in all the events that he is exposed to, saying: “Longevity is a reaction and not an action, and when they said that I took the national team shirts when I was in the Football Association. I waited for the press conference after the World Cup and spoke. ”

Abdel-Ghani continued in televised statements: “But when I saw a person attacking me and he had no capacity, it is a shame for him to speak,” Ali, “says the star of Mars and the contractors.

Magdy Abdel-Ghani revealed the scenes of his conversation with Ahmed Schubert before the by-elections in the Football Association, commenting: “I sat with Ahmed Schubert before the by-elections in the Football Association and I told him that all of Egypt is attacking me except for you because you ate bread and salt in my house and knew me well .. But after thinking Tawil told me I agree, but there is no Faida. The session was attended by Ahmed Mujahid and Hani Saeed, president of Goldie Club. ”

The former Al-Ahly star expressed his surprise at the lack of any reaction by Al-Ahly’s board of directors towards the presenter of the program that attacked him on the club’s channel “as far as he described,” saying: “It was supposed to stop the presenter of the programs who attacked me on Al-Ahly channel because what happened did not.” It is appropriate, “and added:” I do not know how the president of Al-Ahly and its board of directors ignored what was said about Majdi Abdul-Ghani inside the club’s channel! ”

Magdy indicated that Mustafa Yunus attacked Al-Khatib and Hassan Hamdi repeatedly, and the Board of Directors did not take any position against him.

Regarding the decision to suspend him from media work, Magdy Abdel-Ghani confirmed that there was haste in this decision: “I do not know when I will appear again on the Ten channel. I was supposed to be interrogated first, but in the end I am waiting for the position of officials in the channel.” : “I will continue with my opinion because I do not agree with anyone.”

Majdi Abdel Ghani, the former star of Al-Ahly, confirmed that Al-Ahmar is able to pass the second leg against Wydad in the semi-finals of the African Champions League due to his experiences, adding: “We still discover Yitzu Musimani in the matches, and we will not be sure that his fingerprints will appear after two or three matches.

And he added: “Al-Ahly played a great match against Wydad, Majdi Afsha and Al-Shennawi were among the most important reasons for winning and Al-Ahly’s pressure was distinctive, and it is clear that all the team submitted was from the coach’s instructions … and Hussein Al-Shahat if it was the lone record that ousted him, Al-Ahly would have won four goals.”

Regarding the home match, he said: “It is not easy, but Al-Ahly has great experiences with which it deals in such situations.”

The former Al-Ahly star wished that Al-Raja players would be cured of the Corona virus, saying: “But at the same time, I hope that the match will not take place and that CAF announces Zamalek’s victory.”

And he continued: “Raja is supposed to perform a swab for the players instead of staying in quarantine for a week, as happened with Ferjani Sassi when he had a swab before traveling to Morocco and another after he arrived and when it was positive, he examined again in order to return to Egypt.”

He concluded: “If Raja continues to be quarantined for a week without training or the team’s readiness, it will be destroyed, and it does not mean that a person has had contact with an infected person that he is also infected, but it is possible that he was not exposed to the virus.”

Magdy Abdel-Ghani talked about Moamen Zakaria, the former Al-Ahly player, stressing that he could not communicate with him due to his frequent travel abroad, saying: “The Professional Association did not provide support for the believer in Zakaria because his problem is not material. We offered help in general and offered to visit us at any time, the door. Open to him. ”


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