“Magdy Abdul-Ghani prevented from appearing” … TEN president responds to the parents’ complaint


02:22 AM

Tuesday 13 October 2020


The journalist Nashat Al-Daihi, a member of the Supreme Media Council and the head of “TEN” channel, issued a statement on his official page on the social networking site “Facebook” in response to the Al-Ahly club’s complaint against the “Primo” program broadcast on the channel.

Al-Daihi said in the statement: “At a time when we call for attention to the conspiracies that are being hatched for us targeting the consciousness of Egyptians, and tampering with the nation’s fundamentals by manipulating public opinion, and at a time when we call on everyone to uphold the supreme interest of the homeland over the interests of it.

At a time when we call on everyone to show wisdom and not to trade in the feelings of the masses under any circumstances, we had to do what we say. We have chosen the difficult path, which is to stand in the trench of the homeland and endure and endure for the sake of that many, many difficulties.

Al-Daihi added: “From this standpoint and in response to the statement issued by the Al-Ahly club, and he bears a complaint from the Primo sports program broadcast on the TeN channel, where the complaint included that the program violates the media honor charters, and violates the organizing rules, and that the program, presented by Islam Sadiq and his permanent guest Majdi Abdul-Ghani, attacks the club. Al-Ahly and its officials and leaders without justification and aim to demolish the entity and destabilize it, until the latest in the statement, it is worth noting the following:

TeN channel respects and appreciates the ancient Al-Ahly club and its great fans, a respect befitting the national role of this great edifice.

Al-Ahly Club is a national institution that cannot be destroyed, and no program or channel can shake its foundations.

– The aforementioned program is produced by the channel, and it is the sole owner of all its rights and is not sold to anyone.

– The channel firmly believes that sports media has a huge responsibility towards controlling public performance, through objectivity in dealing with football matters.

The channel literally abides by all laws and charters regulating media work.

Al-Daihi explained, “Therefore, in a sense of national responsibility towards public issues, the channel’s management decided the following:

1- Addressing Al-Ahly Club management, to determine the facts that occurred in the program and represent a departure from the charters and laws governing the work to correct them from the start of the program until its date.

2- The channel’s management calls on the family of sports media in Egypt to work on controlling and upgrading performance, and not to create a state of tension among the masses of Egyptian football.

3- Captain Magdy Abdel-Ghani did not appear on the channel’s screen.

Al-Ahly club filed a complaint with the Supreme Council for Media Regulation against the “Ten” satellite channel, due to the Primo program presented by Islam Sadiq and his permanent guest, Majdi Abdul-Ghani, attacking Al-Ahly club and its leaders and officials without justification, and along the line, according to the club’s statement.



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