Maha Ahmad crying about her son: “I have been for months, I don’t know how to touch him … and the world has turned once.”


The actress Maha Ahmed talked about the illness of her son, “Adel”, who revealed his suffering during the last period through a post on his page on the “Instagram” site.

Maha Ahmed confirmed that her family is going through a strange situation that does not find an explanation, explaining that the family was committed during the home isolation period due to the Corona virus to sit inside the house, explaining: “After I decided to go to the street for the first time, I was going to do a very big accident and our Lord survived.”

She explained that after surviving the accident, her son Adel went through a story of separation and went through a bad psychological stage, confirming: “Majdi Kamel and I stood by him, but he received another shock with the death of his friend Mustafa Hafnawi and it was a shock for all of us, and all these traumas were difficult for the family.”

Maha Ahmad continued: “After that, without introductions, our house sank and our life went all over, and we don’t know what is happening?” In an intervention with Wael Al-Ibrashi through the “Ninth” program.

Maha said that her son, “Adel,” fell ill suddenly and could no longer stand on his feet, do not respond to treatment, and did not know what he was suffering.

She emphasized: “I went through a disease crisis, and I was unable to stand and did not want to eat, and it turned out to be chest infection, but not Corona, and then I was surprised one day that Majdi had the same symptoms, and then my son, Adel, is also unable to stand on his feet or do anything alone. “.

She added that Adel has a very high temperature, saying: “He did not know that he was caught in a bad psychological state, did not respond to the medicine, and was unable to stand on his feet, and the doctor told us that he was in a bad psychological state with a strong cold.”

And she continued: “The world turned once and I felt great shock, and I believed that there is a need called envy and an eye, and it is enough for my son (Ahmed) who is sick with special circumstances.

Maha Ahmed said: “For months, I don’t know how to touch my son, and I’m afraid to come to him. Imagine living with your children and you’re afraid to touch them, and life is completely upended and in strong envy and I don’t know what, thank God for everything. One is mentally tired.”

It is noteworthy that Adel Magdy Kamel wrote through his account on “Instagram” about his passing through a disease crisis that he does not know the cause of and does not know a cure for what he suffers, and he demanded that everyone not be deceived in the pictures and videos that some publish and appear happy because in every person’s life there is suffering that no one else knows.


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