Mahalla explains Al-Ahly’s position on the inclusion of Hossam Hassan


Taha Al-Sayed, sports director of Ghazl El-Mahalla club, said that Al-Ahly did not request the inclusion of Hossam Hassan, the team’s striker, and the Egyptian youth team.

And during radio statements for the “Falcon Stadium” program: “We have returned to our normal position in the Egyptian Premier League.”

When asked about Al-Ahly’s interest in joining the team’s striker Hossam Hassan, he said: “There has been no contact between me and any official from Al-Ahly club management.”

He added: “What is being raised about Al-Ahly’s interest in joining the player is unfounded.”

Regarding the inclusion of Muhammad Fakhri, he said: “The file of contracts with the club’s technical staff, led by Khaled Eid, is entrusted with the inclusion of those whom the team will need during the next stage.”

On the development of the Ghazl El Mahalla stadium, he said: “There is already interest in developing our stadium and raising the stadium’s efficiency to appear well during the Egyptian League matches.”

It is worth noting that Ghazl El Mahalla succeeded in hijacking the pass to the Egyptian Premier League for the new season 20/21, accompanied by both Ceramica and the National Bank.


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