Mahmoud Yassin .. Goodbye, the first screen boy “Infograph”


He left our world in the early hours of this morning, Wednesday, the great artist Mahmoud Yassin, at the age of 79, after a struggle with the disease that kept him out of artistic life for the past seven years.

His last periods witnessed the spread of rumors of his death in succession, and his family was always aggressively confronting these rumors until he passed away.

Mahmoud Yassin’s journey with illness began in 2014 when he was contracting for the series “Sahib Al Saada” to present it with Leader Adel Imam, but surprisingly, “Yassin” left work after rehearsals.

In those times the news became clear from within the series that the reason behind Mahmoud Yassin leaving work was his suffering with Alzheimer’s disease and his inability to memorize the text of the work.

Over the last years, Yassin was no longer able to work, and at the same time, his family was not certain about the nature of the disease he suffered from.

Last August, the artist, Shahira, wife of Mahmoud Yassin, went out to reveal the developments in her husband’s health, as she confirmed that his condition is somewhat stable.

Shahira confirmed that she prevented the visit from the house due to the Corona virus, for a period of 5 months, explaining that she refused to let Amr enter the house.

The artist, Nadia Lotfi, constantly asked the artist Mahmoud Yassin, as well as Farouk El-Fishawy.

Mahmoud Fouad Mahmoud Yassin was born in Port Said in 1941 and was attached to theater since he was in middle school.

He fulfilled his dream of joining the National Theater, which he and other theaters performed dozens of distinguished works.

He presented small roles in the cinema at the end of the sixties until his great opportunity came in the movie (We Do Not Plant Thorns).

Films rolled after that, and among them were (The Thin Thread) in front of Faten Hamama, (Nose and Three Eyes) in front of Majida Al Sabahi, (Qaa Al Madina) in front of Nadia Lotfi, (Mawlid Ya Dunya) in front of singer Afaf Radi and (Remember Me) in front of Najla Fathi.

On television, he presented dozens of series, including “The Whirlpool”, “Tomorrow Flowers Bloom”, “A Husband’s Memoirs”, “The Second Meeting”, “Brother of Girls”, “Al Yaqeen” and “Disobedience”.

Growing old age gave him more space to play distinctive roles in cinema, in which he stood beside the following generations of stars, so he participated in (Al-Jazeera) with Ahmed Al-Sakka and (Al-Wad) with Asir Yassin and (Izbat Adam) with Ahmed Azmy, Majid Al-Kadwani and (Gedo Habibi) with Bushra and Ahmed Fahmy.



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