Marriage on a divorce paper .. 3 female singers got married to music makers, most notably Sherine and Angham


Over the past years, the association of some female singers with music makers has become a very natural thing, but it is not normal that most of these marriages always fail, as these singers are at the beginning of their artistic life and are subject to complete control from the first man in her artistic life and they fall under his complete control until she finds Herself inside his love window, and after reaching her seat in the world of stardom and fame, she decides to blow up everything that connects her with the past.

This rule was repeated with very many stars, and “The Seventh Day” monitors these marriages, including the singer Sherine Abdel Wahab, who was linked at the beginning of her artistic life with the music distributor Medhat Khamis, and about this marriage, Sherine Abdel Wahab, one of her television interviews, said that he was doomed to failure since The first moment, indicating that she agreed to marry “Medhat” at the beginning of her life until she “got rid of his weight”, as she said, because he was constantly threatening suicide by “putting his hand in the glass”, and his mother used to call her until she came to rescue him. That she was young to go through this experience, indicating at the same time that she regrets this marriage.

Then Sherine Abdel Wahab married music distributor Mohamed Mustafa, from whom she had two daughters, and said about her separation from him that she preferred to stay away for a while until he calmed down a little after feeling that the situation was no longer the same.

Sherine Abdel Wahab

The star Angham also married the Kuwaiti music distributor Fahd Muhammad Al-Shalabi after a work relationship during which she presented many songs, and she became a mother for the second time when she gave birth to their son Abdul Rahman. Music distributor Ahmed Ibrahim, but the marriage did not last long.


In the same context, the Moroccan artist Jannat was associated at the beginning of her artistic life with the composer Mohamed Diaa, and the relationship of Diauddin and Jannat remained at the rhythm of the ebb and flow, but the Egyptian composer sometimes denies the existence of a legal marriage contract, and at other times the Moroccan singer denies marriage, and confirms that it was just an incomplete bond She was only 16 years old at the time when she said that her marriage to Diyaa was “a legal marriage that is not dishonorable and does not harm me in my honor.”


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