Masdar Balkef: The Zamalek and Raja match, October 31, and the Al-Ahly and Wydad meeting on time


An official source with the African Football Confederation (CAF) revealed that there is a proposed date for the return match between Zamalek and Raja, which is on October 31, in the semi-finals of the African Champions League, instead of next Saturday, after what the officials of the Moroccan Raja Club requested from the officials of “Kaf” The match is postponed for a week until the players recover from the Corona virus.

And the Moroccan Ministry of Health issued a decision preventing Raja Casablanca Club from traveling to Cairo, to fight Zamalek due to the increasing number of Coronavirus infections among its ranks, as it reached 8 cases, and it decided Moroccan Ministry of HealthRaja Casablanca entered into a quarantine for a week, after the emergence of Corona cases within the team’s ranks, which prevents the Moroccan from traveling to Cairo, today, Wednesday, as was previously set for the team in order to prepare to confront Zamalek, which made the Moroccan team demand the African Union to postpone the match, After the Moroccan Ministry of Health demanded that all players please and members of the technical staff undergo new checks to detect the Corona virus on October 27th.

The source added, to “The Seventh Day,” that the match between Al-Ahly and Al-Wydad Morocco on Friday is on schedule, specifically after the arrival of the Wydad team to Cairo yesterday, and the Corona swab will be conducted for the Wydad players to check on the players, especially since there was also a proposal to postpone the match and hold it at the same time as the Zamalek match The hope is for equal opportunities between the four teams, but Wydad’s arrival in Cairo prevented the meeting from being postponed.


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