Masdar Balkef: The Zamalek and Raja match on November 4 and the final on the 27th of next month


A source in the African Confederation (CAF) confirmed that the match between Zamalek and Al-Raja will be postponed to November 4 instead of Sunday November 1, and the final match will be postponed to take place on November 27 instead of November 4, and the result of the first-leg match between Raja and Zamalek ended with a victory for Al-White with a goal. Nazif at the Mohamed V sports stadium, and press reports revealed that the Moroccan Raja team has increased to 14 players, in preparation to travel to Cairo to face Zamalek in the second leg of the African Champions League semi-finals next Sunday, at Cairo Stadium.

Alexandre Siwi, director of communications at the Confederation of African Football, said there were still discussions about a deadline for a match Zamalek against Raja In the second leg of the CAF Champions League semi-finals, and the final match of the tournament.

In statements published in the Moroccan newspaper, the Moroccan National Team, the head of the Communications Department of El Kef said: “The Egyptian authorities have some reservations. The best for all parties“.

On the other hand, the site indicated “le360” Al-Maghribi pointed out that the Raja list increased to 14 players after recovering 4 players whose results were negative in the examination of the new Corona, and they will be ready to participate in training to travel to Cairo next Friday, in order to confront Zamalek.

The Corona virus had struck the Moroccan Raja team, and the list shrunk from 24 to 10 players due to infections with the epidemic, then the results proved the recovery of 4 players, increasing the list to 14 before traveling to Cairo..

The list available to please to meet Zamalek is as follows:

Goalkeeper: Amir Al-Haddawi

Defense: Fabrice Najah, Badr Bannon, Sanad Al-Werfalli, Abdel-Ilah Madkour, Elias Al-Haddad, Abdel-Rahim Shakir

Midfielders: Mohamed Zarida, Fabrice Nujoma, Zakaria Al-Wardi, Abdel-Ilah Al-Hafizi

The attack: Ben Malango, Ayoub Neh, Anas Jabron


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