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The economic boycott of Turkish goods is the weapon that might force Turkey to kneel down .. The important thing is for the Arabs to deal with it seriously .. Initial estimates mention that the Turkish losses from the Saudi boycott may reach 20 billion dollars .. which is a blow to the heart and nerve of the economy, and it has accelerated by the collapse The Erdogan regime in Turkey .. I think that Saudi Arabia’s adoption of the boycott decision may have a very great impact, especially since Saudi Arabia was dependent on many Turkish goods .. meaning that the economic war may bring about what the military war brings about in the face of Turkey’s arrogance and its expansion plans in the region!

Observers do not forget what Prince Faisal bin Bandar, the Prince of Riyadh, did when a young man offered him a cup of coffee, and he asked him: What is this coffee? The young man replied: It is Mehmed Effendi’s coffee, so the prince said: Meaning Turkish coffee, and he returned it to the young man, apologizing .. This was an indication of the importance of the boycott, and he said: There is no luxury or courtesy at the expense of the homeland!

Although coffee is the simplest thing that the Saudis can boycott, but the message that arrived was very strong .. meaning that the economic boycott has become official and popular .. so how if the Egyptians boycotted it and the Egyptian state boycotted Turkish goods, by stopping their import, surely it will be the weapon that slaughters the vanity of the Ottoman Sultan or Cocky turkey!

The Saudi experience has proven that if it takes a decision, it applies it seriously .. This has happened on many occasions, even when the Two Holy Mosques were closed in the face of the Corona virus, as Islamic countries helped to make the decision to close mosques calmly and easily, so no one can talk about closing mosques yet. Closure of the Two Holy Mosques .. Just as the Saudi state allowed the opening of cultural palaces and sports clubs, and allowed women to ride cars without a mahram, and allowed them to travel like men .. The idea is that the state can do everything, if it wants!

We can discipline the Ottoman Sultan with a campaign to boycott Turkish products, for the economic war is more effective than the media war .. And if Egypt, the Emirates and the Gulf states enter with Saudi Arabia in this regard, the result will be faster and more effective, and Erdogan will come and kneel, and he will change his policies in the region, but speech and media will He is matched by speech and information .. All speech and peace!

This is an opportunity for the turkeys to ache and cut their feathers, and it is a serious and possible opportunity that has huge effects on Turkey’s economy .. You can imagine the bleeding of the billions that the Turkish economy loses in this major economic war .. One sign from the Prince of Riyadh about Turkish coffee said everything .. so what Think if the official Arab decisions were issued and declared to stop importing Turkish goods … where the markets are witnessing a state of dumping of these goods? .. Of course, the impact will be profound and the wound is serious!

In short, the Arabs have pressure cards that they must use .. and they must activate them .. Not all wars are military or armed .. The war now is economic if you really want it!

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