Mental stomach of Tunisia: Sassi was not treated as a human being with Corona


Supervision of Qanfoud, the mental stomach for professional players in Tunisia, revealed that Ferjani Sassi, the Zamalek game maker, was not concerned about his infection with Corona as much as he was affected by the rumors and accusations that befell him and claimed that he escaped from facing Moroccan hope. M, “Corona is an epidemic that the whole world suffers from and it is not a disgrace..

And the mental stomach of the Tunisian national team added, “Sassi was not treated humanely as a human being, not even a soccer player. They forced him to leave the staff door in a manner not befitting to the player, and he should not travel to Morocco in the first place, but he did so because he was influenced by the rumors and accusations that befell him and even described him as running away.” From facing Moroccan hope, he decided to travel to respond to these rumors.

And she continued, “Sassi is psychologically affected by his absence from the match of Raja, that match in which he dreamed of showing his abilities in it, and the corona streak that Ferjani Sassi underwent in Tunisia was negative, while the streak in Morocco was positive.” “.

While the supervision of Qanfoud confirmed that Ferjani Sassi will be present in the return match between Zamalek and Al-Raja in Cairo, explaining that he does not suffer from any symptoms at all and will join the return confrontation scheduled for a week later.

The Zamalek team will meet Moroccan Raja at 9 pm today at Mohammed V Stadium, in the semi-finals of the African Champions League in a difficult confrontation for the two teams, especially the sons of Mitt Oqba, who lacks a number of its prominent stars, headed by Mahmoud Alaa, who is infected, and the Tunisian Ferjani Sassi, who is infected with the Corona virus, The technical staff of Zamalek, led by Pacheco, preferred to completely isolate him from the rest of the members of the mission to prevent mixing.

It is preferred Pacheco Between the trio Ahmed Sayed Zizou, Muhammad Hassan and Islam Jaber to succeed Sassi in the central area of ​​Zamalek next to Tariq Hamed, although the Portuguese Khawaja tends to Zizou due to his participation mainly with the team over the past period and his stable technical level, in addition to his progress behind the attackers and his achievement of many influential goals and his obtaining confidence All the technical managers who succeeded in the technical leadership of the white team.

At the same time, it is expected that Muhammad Hassan or Islam Jaber will be used according to the course of the meeting today, and in the event that the white team progresses, Muhammad Hassan will have a defensive role to secure the midfield area, while Islam Jaber will be an offensive alternative due to the many skills that the player enjoys.


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