Metaphysics and Netflix .. Who will gain?


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Those with frequent and regular visits to the Cairo International Book Fair may have had an appointment in the past with Dr. Ahmed Khaled Tawfiq to obtain a gift accompanied by his signature, especially on the series Supernatural.

On November 5, 2020, fans of that series will have a date to watch the first Egyptian series produced by the “Netflix” network called “Beyond Nature”, to be shown in the category “Chilling, Frightening”.

Waiting and anticipation among many social media tweeters has become a top priority for them since the Netflix platform mentioned the “Metaphysics” show, starring Ahmed Amin, Razan Jamal, Aya Samaha, Sama Ibrahim, Rushdi Al Shami, and Reem Abdel Qader, and they are all They perform their scenes in the presence of Amr Salama, the owner of the dream of the series.

Access to a global platform may be a measure of success for some, but it may face technical and financial challenges such as the value of the subscription and the quality of the Internet speed. For example, will Netflix subscriptions increase in the scope of Egypt, especially among fans of Ahmed Khaled Tawfiq’s writings, or will the trend be towards other electronic platforms that provide many Movies and series spoofing its legitimate channels?

Perhaps the trend towards these platforms brings back to the forefront the dilemma of book fraud that plagues the publishers sector, prompting art producers to think about the extent of gains that can be achieved through digital platforms, bearing in mind that the robbery of their work continues, whether their production is dedicated to the TV screen or Prompt to the spectator’s pocket who is going to buy a movie ticket.

So, subscribing to the Netflix platform inside El Mahrousa ranges between 120 and 200 Egyptian pounds, depending on the package chosen, and in the technical aspects, for example, according to the “We Are Social” report, you find that the average Internet speed reaches 33.8, while Singapore is the only leader with a rate of 226.6. This may prompt some to question their priorities when spending whatever money is available to them to achieve the maximum possible gain .. is content to pay the value of the Internet subscription to the service provider and watch the series through the available at some sites and hit two birds with one stone, or pay what is in his pocket twice, or perhaps rather go to The work of an association with his acquaintances and friends in order for the benefit of everyone?
The search numbers for Ahmed Khaled Tawfiq and the series Metaphysics during the last month from the time these lines were written are increasing via the Google engine in the domain of Egypt .. The lead here is for the name of the series, followed by its owner, may God have mercy on him, and the leading governorates, respectively, are Port Said, the Red Sea, Ismailia, and Kafr El Sheikh. And Bani Sweif.

The statistics come in conjunction with Netflix’s tendency to promote its new product and celebrate its translation into more than 32 languages ​​in 190 countries around the world, in addition to indicating the seriess sales of more than 10 million copies.

Of course, the questions will be many and their answers will vary from person to person, in addition to the artistic vision and the comparison that will remain between the text and the image, which will be revealed in the coming days, along with Ahmed Khaled Tawfiq’s quote: “My goal from the metaphysics is not to scare young people; Rather, its suspense and push for contemplation and reflection ».. Which may prompt many content makers and the audience to be more careful before any next step .. But the owners of artistic work are considered to think about success through a global platform that brings literary texts back to the front of the screens and opens the door for discussion and criticism.


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