Meteorology: Egypt is exposed to an air depression .. And rain is expected to reach the level of torrents


Dr. Mahmoud Shaheen, Director of the Weather Forecast Center at the Meteorological Authority, said that there is a state of stability in weather conditions, and temperatures are around normal for this time of the year, in addition to the fact that temperatures are moderate on all northern coasts.

Shaheen added, during a telephone interview with the “This Morning” program, broadcast on “Extra News” channel, that the weather is very hot in Cairo and Lower Egypt, hot in the northern governorates of Upper Egypt, and very hot in the southern governorates of Upper Egypt during daylight hours.He explained that although the weather is very hot in southern Upper Egypt, there is a decrease in the average temperature from the previous period by about two to 3 degrees Celsius, and after it was recorded at 40 and 41 degrees, it became recorded at 38 and 37 degrees Celsius.

He stressed that during the second half of this week, the country will be exposed to an air depression, which works to trap quantities of moisture close to the surface of the earth, which increases our sense of high temperatures and the formation of water fog, and it is expected that the temperature will be between 33 and 35 degrees in Cairo.

The director of the Meteorology Center stated that we are at the beginning of the autumn season, and it is possible that the country will witness a set of severe and violent climatic fluctuations during that period and the next 3 months, and rain is expected to reach the extent of torrents.

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