Minister of Education: 49 cases of corona in the educational system


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Dr. Tariq Shawky, Minister of Education and Technical Education, confirmed that there will be unprecedented precautionary measures in all schools to prevent infection with the Coronavirus, indicating that the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Health submitted a report on Corona injuries, and it was confirmed that there are 14 governorates. In Egypt, there are zero injuries.

The Minister of Education added, during a phone call to the evening program “DMC” on the “DMC” satellite channel: “There was fear before the last high school exams were conducted, and despite this fear it was performed with great success,” stressing that there are 6 provinces with one injury Only, and the total number of injuries is 49, only out of the 25 million moving in the educational system, which is a negligible number.

Shawky pointed out that the reports presented by the Minister of Health confirm that the World Health Organization has requested the necessity of opening schools and there is no danger in completing the school year because it does not exceed 1%, stressing that the lowest injuries among students in the whole world, not just Egypt.

He continued: “The World Health Organization issued its recommendations on the need to reopen schools and receive education face to face, especially since the rate of HIV infections among children reaches 0.05%, and the lowest cases of corona according to the data of the Minister of Health are among students and teachers, and despite that the ministry decided to rely on education. Hybrid to reassure parents ».

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